You smiled

You smiled and warmed my cooling heart.

The light from your eyes lit a new path for me.

The brilliance of you excited my tired thoughts.

You’ve given my life new meaning and a joy intoxicating.

You saw the potential in me when others could not.

The willing way you followed when actually you are leading.

This tired heart of mine had almost given up looking

When along you came.

You picked me up and brushed me off and have never stopped loving.

I thank you everyday though you never seem to here it,

Memories of you

Tin foil heats the henna on your head

Copious amounts of wine, usually red

Stupidly hot chilli's

Nights on postage stamp beds

Luff shoes and burping beans

Memories of innocent things

Curlyred hair that you preferred straight

Posting you home, stamps on your head

Choosing duvet's with sun's and stars

My Writing

My Writing Pages

I have always had an interest in literature. I have often written poetry and sometimes short stories. It was not until I went to University in 2003 that I had the opportunity to study writing in more depth.

As the minor part of my degree I studied Creative writing. This may seem like a strange thing to choose next to IT, however I believe any good web site needs good content, well written content can be improved by a bit of study, there in lies the connection.

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