Why I Buried Treasure

My name is Why I, I am a pirate on the high seas.


I lived in Bangkok in Thailand in a small wooden hut near the sea.  The only food I could eat was coconuts which fell out of the trees and fish which I caught from the sea.  Life wasn’t very exciting so one day I decided to build myself a ship and sail around the world.


I called the ship AFWC and carved this name on to the side. I set sail for Australia in search of some excitement. 


On the journey I stopped at an island where dinosaurs lived.  There was a Triceratops and a Diplodocus and a very scary Tyrannosaurus Rex called Fred.  Fred invited me to his hut for dinner.  When I arrived I found to my horror that Fred wanted to eat ME for dinner, so I ran and I ran all the way back to my ship.  Luckily I had fitted my ship with a cannon, it was a special cannon that fired water bombs.  Tyrannosaurus Rex’s don’t like water bombs so I fired some at Fred.  Fred didn’t like this at all and I managed to escape.


Further along my journey I found another little island.  This island was called Garibaldi.  On Garibaldi all the islanders did all day was dance.  The islanders were so happy and danced all day and all night.  I got off my ship and they invited me to dance with them.  I told them that I didn’t know how to dance so they showed me the dance they called the biscuit dance.  It was so much fun so I joined them and danced happily all night.  The next day I left the island with very sore feet but at least I had learned the Biscuit dance.


When I got to Australia I found that there was nothing there so I left straight away.


While I was pirating my way around the world I collected lots of treasure, so I needed a place to hide my treasure.  On one of the islands I stopped at I met a cheeky little monkey called Zander. Zander told me a good place to hide treasure would be in a little town in England called Carnforth.  So that is where I went next.


I sailed and I sailed, through wind and rain and storms and sunshine and eventually I reached Carnforth.  In Carnforth I found lots of fields and hills. I found a good place to hide the treasure deep underground. While in Carnforth I found a crystal ball.  The crystal ball allowed me to see into the future.  I saw that a house was going to be built next to the place where I buried my treasure.  In the house would live a couple called Auntie Hairy and Uncle Brucie Bonus.  I also saw that they would have two nephews called Alexander and Sebastian.  I decided that they should have my treasure.  So I left this story with the treasure for Auntie Hairy and Uncle Brucie Bonus to find.


My name is Why I and this is my treasure.  I hereby leave this treasure to Alexander and his little brother Sebastian.  They must share this treasure and have fun together.  This treasure can only be used in Thailand.  I must go now and continue my adventures around the world.  I hope you enjoy my treasure.


Love from Why I