Pearl Harbor

In August 2000, I attended an open audition session in Bath Pavilion, for the fim Pearl Harbor.  At the audition we were asked if we could march or if we had any experience in the army.  As my father was in the army I could say I had a little and that seemed to be it.  I got a phone call a few days later asking me to go to Badmington House for a costume fitting and hair cut. The result of the costume and hair cut are here.  A few days later I was told to attend Badmington House again for filming.  Bruce as an extra on Pearl Harbor


The day involved a lot of waiting around in a big tent with tea and coffee facilities.  As I am not very good at waiting around, I decided to wander about and take a look at the film set.  Before I knew it I was collared by a guy who later I found out was the director Michael Bay and told I had to get over to the airfield.  I went over and was introduced to Nicholas Farrel.  He seemed very nice, but I remember he kept complaining about back pain and the amount of standing around we were doing.  I was then given a briefing on a Spitfire and told that I had to climb over the plane and make it look like I was working on the engine.  We then did several scenes lots of running about and air raid sirens going off, smoke to add atmosphere.  After an hour or so I was asked if I could flank an actor who was being introduced to Nicholas Farrels character, this I duely did.  It was then that I was introduced to Ben Affleck.  I remember him as being a very tall fella, he seemed huge to me.  We did several takes where he and I and another extra would flank Ben as he did his lines to Nicholas Farrel.  Then I was substituted by another extra who was a bit taller than me.  I think the balance of the shot wasn't what Michael Bay wanted.  


After lunch I took the opportunity to wandr again and fond myself in the background of a scene again with Ben in a pub garden.  It was after this that I bumped into Daniel Mays, we chatted and he told me that he was in several scenes with Ben Affleck in a bunk house.  The only reason I mention this is because for all the scenes I did and he obviously did, when I actually went to see the film I found that my scene with Ben had been dropped and I was only visible in several background shots, but also I missed much of Daniel Mays scenes.  It just made me realise hwo much filming is done and how much of it must be dropped from the final edit.  It was a great experience and one I am proud of, it's just a shame the film wasn't better.