Naked Heart - Theatre Company

Naked Heart Theatre Company (UK Theatre Web - entry) was created by a group of actors who were disappointed with the lack of acting opportunities in Bath.  As a result they decided to create their own company and put on their own productions.  Focusing on modern theatre and material written by themselves and trying to encourage new actors.  They set themselves a target of two productions a year and then set about recruiting actors.

In a few years they grew very quickly producing a number of plays

The Diary of Me and Utopia - 2000

Deathtrap - 2000

The Talented My Ripley - 2001 UK Theatre Web - entry

Guards! Guards! Guards! - 2001 UK Theatre Web - entry

Stags & Hens - 2002

Misery - 2002

Les Miserables - 2003

Venom - 2003

Here are some pictures from Naked Heart productions

and a link to the poster designers web site Miles Better Posters

Guards! Guards!