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I have always had an interest in literature. I have often written poetry and sometimes short stories. It was not until I went to University in 2003 that I had the opportunity to study writing in more depth.

As the minor part of my degree I studied Creative writing. This may seem like a strange thing to choose next to IT, however I believe any good web site needs good content, well written content can be improved by a bit of study, there in lies the connection.

I studied Poetry writing and short stories but the course really awoke my interest in play writing in particular screen plays.

On this page I've included some examples of my writing and I hope to add to these in the future, I also include links to external sites that are relevant:-

Published Work

On my course we had the opportunity to have some work published. Some of this work also appeared on fellow students web sites. Below is a link to a fellow students site on which some work is published.

Creative Writing @ Smarties

I also volunteered to write for the student magazine writing occasional reviews of some of the plays that the drama department put on below are links to two of those reviews:-

The Saint Student Magazine - Reviews

Stitching by Anthony Neilson

Closer by Patrick Marber

This section contains some links to some of my Creative Writing from my years at University.


Memories Of You

Short Stories

Breathe Softly

Stage & Screenplays

Blind Wedding


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